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Make sure your ‘to do’ list is checked before applying

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How frustrating would it be if you missed out on a job that is perfect for you because you weren’t organised enough before you even applied for the job?

As well as making sure your CV is up-to-date, it is well worth being super organised and making sure you have done the rest of your homework – run through the things on this list before you start making applications for the job of your dreams.

Do you know what appears when you Google yourself? It may sound like an odd thing to do but go ahead and do it and take notice of the results. Employers and recruitment agencies are more likely than ever to look you up on social media channels so make sure that there aren’t public photos that show you tumbling drunk out of a night club, however rock and roll you think that might be.

What do your other communication channels say about you? Do you have a sensible voicemail message on your mobile? A prospective employer doesn’t need to hear funny or flippant messages or know what your favourite music of the moment might be. Keep it short, sweet and professional on whatever contact phone you are going to give out. And do you have an email signature set up – nothing fancy – just contact details will do.

Do your research. This is really important. Whatever industry or company your dream job may be, make sure you know enough to sound knowledgeable about the industry and demonstrate that you have taken the time to find out information about the specific company – check out their social media channels if they have them – their LinkedIn profile can be a good source of general information as well of course as their website. Check out our recent post about how to research a company.

And be prepared for the actual interview! This may sound obvious but many candidates miss out on progressing further because they turn up unprepared to their first interview. As well as researching your chosen industry and company, make sure that you prepare something to say that portrays you as a good and well prepared candidate. Think of a couple of examples of when you have demonstrated exemplary behaviour in your current job and have some answers in your head for possible questions you may be asked. And nearer the day, make sure you plan (and clean/iron!) what you are going to wear so there are no last minute panics on the day. The more you are prepared, the more confident you will feel which will help to make sure that the ‘best’ you is perceived when you walk in the door.

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And good luck!