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Take your annual leave – it does you good and that’s a fact!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

It looks like the sun is finally making a proper appearance in the UK and it makes us start thinking about organising our annual holidays. But you’re super busy at work and just don’t know how you’re going to get away and will the workload on your return be worth the break?

According to research carried out by companies such as Reed, much of the British workforce fails to take their full annual leave despite the fact that over 90% say that they feel more productive at work following a holiday.

Research from Reed reveals that over half of workers (54 per cent) forgo an average of three days leave each year. Imagine what you could have done with those days!

In our busy digital world, it is just too easy NOT to switch off even when we do get away. With so many of us addicted to social media and keeping in touch digitally, we find it hard to leave our social life behind, let alone our work life, with over half of us admitting to checking emails or doing some work during their break.

But going on holiday not only makes us feel good while we’re there – we may reap the health benefits for months. Jetting off to a more exotic destination than the office can cut our blood pressure as we relax, helps us sleep better and also bounce back from stress. Spending time with friends and family may be just what you need to unwind and improve your mood after a stressful period at work. And the benefits can last at least a fortnight longer than the vacation and can be felt for months in some cases.

So, if you haven’t yet booked your holiday this summer, make sure you organise one and take your full annual leave – your boss will thank you!

Happy holidays!