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What can we learn from BBC’s The Apprentice?

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Lord Sugar is back on the BBC, sifting through a new batch of candidates to find his next business partner. This may be entertainment, but it’s also got some valuable lessons for anyone who wants to be a success in the workplace. Here are some of the things you can actually learn from watching the show.

On the show, there are of course artificial time constraints in which the candidates need to complete tasks because it’s TV. However, in real life, you’ll often find yourself up against a deadline that can’t be adjusted or moved just because the task is proving difficult to complete; you simply have to find a way to get the job done.

Keep your eye on the prize
When a task isn’t going so well on the show, you will see certain candidates procrastinating and fretting over the small stuff rather than getting to grips with the real issues and focussing on the end result. It’s important to sometimes take a step back and look at the bigger picture in order to ensure success.

The workplace can be competitive
The Apprentice is known for it’s super competitive candidates! Although you are (hopefully) unlikely to come across that many cut-throat colleagues in one office, the workplace is still a competitive environment. It is important to learn how to deal with any clashes in a calm and professional manor.

Take responsibility
The show is filled with people who attempt to pass off any mistakes as not theirs and firmly place the blame on others – the boardroom part of each episode wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t, it’s all part of the entertainment! However, in real business, it is always best to put your hands up to any mistake you make and take responsibility for them as well as take full credit for any successes.

You are being watched
Obviously, at work you aren’t generally being watched by millions of people! However, most of us are answerable to a superior who, along with colleagues, watch us to make sure that we are doing our jobs properly and to see how we handle pressure and deadlines. They are also there to help us if we need it.

You have to apply to get a job
Contestants go through a rigorous selection process to get on ‘The Apprentice’ and you’ll find that process is pretty much the same in the real world of work – prepare a good CV and covering letter and then perform well at interview.

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