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Looking for a career change into a new sector and transferring your skills?

Monday, 8 March 2021

Have you found yourself wanting to change career and move into a different sector and thinking, how do I do that?

Think about your strengths and when you have been at your best in a role. What have you enjoyed doing the most within your job and where have you made the most positive impact?

This is important, because the next role you move into, you want to feel that you can hit the ground running.

What do I need to do?

1) Research the job market

  • Look at the job market and the jobs that appeal to you. Go through the skills required and look how closely your skill set matches those roles.
  • Talk to people in your network. Ask if they know anyone working in the role that you are looking to move into. See if it’s possible to arrange a meeting, so you can get to know exactly what the job entails.
  • Consider talking to a Recruitment Agency or Careers Advice Service and ask their opinion if your experience has given you the skill set to move into your new chosen career.

2) Rework your CV and cover letter

  • Go through your CV and look at all the transferable skills that you have. These are skills that you have developed over the years that are applicable to a broad range of sectors. These could be skills such as leadership, communication and customer service.
  • Rework and shape your CV so that it highlights the transferable skills as areas of expertise. You are looking to produce a CV where an employer can instantly see that you can add value to their organisation, whatever sector you have worked in.
  • Produce a cover letter which includes a positive statement about why you are looking to change careers. Focus on your key transferable skills and knowledge that you will be able to bring to the new role.

3) Fill the skills gaps

This can be a combination of things that fulfils the areas of work that your CV does not cover.

  • Talk to your current organisation. Are there opportunities to gain the necessary skills either in your current role or by moving into another department.
  • Learning and completing a course is useful, as it will give you a good understanding and improve your knowledge in the area you are looking to move into.
  • Voluntary, charity work or work experience in the sector will give you the experience that you need.
  • You could offer consultancy work, using your knowledge to improve a team or organisation. This can span a whole range of sectors and is an excellent way to get into a company and may lead to further opportunities to work in that organisation.

If you are looking for a new role and want to talk to experts who will listen to your thoughts and challenges, and work efficiently to help support you into your next job, contact the team at Better Prospects.