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Are you prepared for a second interview?

Friday, 18 June 2021

Have you got past the first interview stage and thinking what can be different at the second interview?

You’ve got past the first stage and now you are in serious contention for being offered the role. Now is the chance for you to really think about how you can make an impact at this company and how you see yourself fitting in.   You are going to need to stand out against very credible candidates, so you will need to be better prepared than ever for the second stage process.

Often at the first stage, questions can be based around your work history and how your skillset matches the job description of the new role you are being interviewed for.

What can I expect to be different at the second stage?

  • The 2nd interview can include presentations or plans and reports to be delivered. Make sure you have a good brief on what you are expected to deliver. Be prepared in advance. Expect to be challenged about the work you have presented. Make sure you have good answers ready to support your work.
  • The line of questioning can tend to be more scenario based. You will really need to prepare and think about the impact you made in your current or last role. Think about how you improved a process or service and your contribution to the work and what the outcome was. Use this story to show your best qualities, how you used your own initiative, how you collaborated with a team and how you delivered a positive result at the end.
  • The interview panel can often be different. It can often include more senior staff and you may be shown around the office and introduced to potential new team members. This will be a chance to see if you would fit in with the team. It’s good to ask questions you may have about the organisation, its culture, and values.

When offered a second interview, give yourself the best chance for success. Make sure you understand what the format will be and who will be there. Reflect on your relevant accomplishments and do extra research on the company. Take time to prepare and practice and you could secure your ideal role.