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How to recruit in a difficult market

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Since spring this year, we have seen a boom in the jobs market. What has been evident to many companies is that there is a skills shortage to fill those vacancies and businesses are finding it a challenge to recruit for their new roles.

What can your company do that will make a difference?

Shorten the timescales of your Interview process

In this current market candidates have lot’s of opportunities and job options. You don’t want to be in a position where a candidate has chosen another company because your whole interview process was too long.

It’s important that the timescales between booking in first interviews and second interviews are short. Recruiting staff is such a critical part of the success of an organisation, so make time in your diary to book in interviews as soon as you have spoken to a candidate that you would like to interview. Then if successful at first stage, make sure the second interview is soon after.

Is your salary range competitive?

Make sure the salary range in your job adverts are competitive with the current market. The cost of overlooking investment into staff, will have catastrophic effects on your business, if your salaries are not competitive. Do some market analysis before you advertise to make sure that your company is competitive. If you need support with this, you can call your local recruiter and they will be able to assist.

Increasing the salary in your adverts will undoubtedly make a difference.

Hiring the right staff will improve staff morale, turnover, productivity, reputation and the service you provide.

Therefore by ensuring that you have the salary advertised in the correct range will save your business money in the long term.

Can you be flexible?

Not all companies have the ability to be flexible with their roles, however if you’re a company that can be, this needs to be advertised. By offering hybrid working or flexible hours, you are vastly increasing the chances of gaining more applications.

Work-life balance has become one of the most important priorities for candidates looking for a new job. All parties benefit, including the organisation, the staff member and your customers.
Many candidates are now looking for jobs closer to home to cut down on commute time and also working from home part of the week.

If you can offer any flexibility contributing a better work-life balance ensure this is clear within your advert as candidates are increasingly looking out for this when searching for new roles and entering it as criteria.

Have you considered hiring a temp?

Hiring a Temp worker in the short term can be a great way to help out the team and ease some of the pressure and work-load.

Even if they have the skill-set to fill part of the role, by easing the work load it helps other members of the team concentrate on the areas where they are strong and taking the business forwards.

Very often Temp workers can pick up the role very quickly and learn other aspects of the business. As a business you can recruit specifically for Temp to Perm roles. This can be a benefit for both the candidates and company as it gives both parties a chance to see if the role is right for them before committing to a full time permanent contract.

If you are looking for advice on how to recruit in the current market, contact the team at Better Prospects. Don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can support you now with filling your vacancy!