Outplacement and Employee Services

Better Prospects are here to support your organisation and staff, offering an Employee Service for staff being made redundant.

We work with our affiliated partner, who is an expert in Outplacement.

Our Outplacement Service provides the practical and emotional support that your staff need to help them feel ready and able to move into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible.

You will work with an expert in the field of Outplacement and Employee Services.

Redundancy is an extremely challenging time for Employers and Employee’s and this service is for organisations that want to support their staff the best possible way during this time.

The service will be able to:

  • Help people “leave well”, with a positive attitude towards the company they are leaving
  • Provide genuine help to those who are about to face the most difficult job market for decades
  • Help those at risk to feel supported

Support on offer:

  • CV – what to include and how to make your CV stand out from the crowd
  • Where to find jobs and utilising social media
  • Recruitment agencies
  • LinkedIn
  • Job application process and preparing the perfect cover letter
  • Speculative applications – do’s and don’ts
  • Interviewing – how to prepare, what questions to expect and how to answer them
  • Researching companies and Glassdoor
  • Accepting and negotiating an offer

Please get in touch for more information.